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At KS Autos we do not sell mainstream car tyres in any volume. The simple reason for this is the price.

Many well known brands re-name their tyres when they are superseded by new designs. These tyres continue to be made in Pacific countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, the Phillipines and China. (Goodyear Eagle tyres are made in China!) These tyres meet all the current safety and legal legislation, and many actually have higher performance ratings than mainstream brands.

In the image below the tyres are almost identical, but the budget tyre on the left has higher specifications than the mainstream tyre on the right, and is half the price.


Our preferred brand is Green Max, a really high specification tyre at a fraction of the price of the branded tyres on the market. We can offer you these tyres at fantastic discounted prices! Below you will find a comprehensive list of tyre sizes and prices! If your size is not listed, or you would like a price for an alternative brand, please call us with the size and details you require.


Treadwear Rating

The Government made a standard tyre and drove it for a set distance around a standard test track, then measured the wear on it and rated it as 100. If a tyre manufacturer submits their tyre for test, and it covers twice the distance before it shows the same wear as the Government tyre, it has a wear rate of 200, because it will last twice as long. A tyre with a treadwear rating of 350 will last three and a half times longer than the standard tyre.

Traction Rating

The traction rating refers to the amount of grip the tyre has in the wet. 3% of tyres on UK roads have a traction rating of AA, which is the equivelent of a motorsport racing tyre. 77% of tyres have an A rating, and the other 20% make up poorer B and C ratings.

Temperature Rating

This shows the tyres ability to withstand the increase in temperature during high speeds. Again an A rating is the best and a C rating is the poorest.

If you cannot find the size you are looking for please call us on 01895 253293.

Bike Tyres

We offer motorcycle tyres at competitive internet prices.

We have compiled a list of many common tyre sizes below. If your tyre is not listed, please call us on 01895 253293 for a price.