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We provide two service packages for your car, one an oil and filter change and a check-over, and the other a full, in-depth service. We therefore offer two packages - a Full Service, and an Interim Service. Most manufacturers generally follow a pattern where a major service one year is followed by a minor service the following year and so on.

Our pricing structure is based on a labour charge of £50 for out Interim service plus the cost of the parts, and a labour charge of £75 + VAT for a Full service plus the cost of the parts. Service prices therefore vary slightly from car to car.

KS Autos Interim Service

We change the oil and oil filter, the pollen filter (the air filter inside the ventilation system) check the lights, fluid levels, steering & suspension, wheel bearings, underside, pipes & hoses, front brakes, tyres & pressures and driving controls.

KS Autos Full Service

All of the above plus a new air filter, external fuel filter, spark plugs, check gearbox oil, check rear brakes and change brake fluid*.

* Due to the technical nature of some Mercedes vehicles fitted with the Sensotronic braking system, a charge of £25 will apply to bleed the brakes and reset the system - we will advise you of this at the time if it is required.

The schedule for each package is listed in the table below. Prices start from just £80 + VAT. Find your car, or the closest one to it, and you will have an idea of the cost of your service. This is not a comprehensive list and if you require any further information please contact us on 01895 253293 we’re happy to help.

Remember, if your car requires special spark plugs or filters on the full service, they are included in the price. There are no hidden extras. We use OE parts. These are parts made to the same standard and specification as the manufacturers own branded parts. We only use Fully Synthetic oil, meeting all the latest requirements set by Vauxhall, Mercedes, VW Audi Group, Renault, Peugeot / Citroen, BMW and Ford EcoBOOST, Long Life and Pump Duse specifications.

Although many people have the Service and MOT carried out at the same time, it means the car does not get checked again for 11 months, allowing worn or defective parts to go unoticed! Arranging the service and MOT test six months apart is far more desirable. We are happy to send you a text reminder when you’re MOT or service falls due.

Service Optional Extras

Engine Flush £9.99+VAT

This is a cleaner which goes into the engine before we drain the oil. It removes all the black build-up and leaves your engine nice and clean inside. £4.95 + VAT.

Fuel System Treatment £9.99+VAT

This is available for both petrol and diesel engines. Two bottles, the first is a cleaner which goes into the fuel tank, and cleans the injectors as it goes through the system with the fuel. The second bottle is added to the fuel tank the next time you re-fuel. The additives in it release more power, better performance and cleaner emissions.

Coolant change

This is recommended by manufacturers every three or four years normally. There are four different types of antifreeze, and we can replace all cars except VW / Audi group for just £25 + VAT. (VW / Audi group £45 + VAT.)

Timing Belts (also known as Cam Belts)

We will normally advise you when they should be changed. Prices vary from car to car.

Air Conditioning

We remove the old refrigerant gas, and the oil from the compressor, check the system for leaks, then refill it with new high performance gas and synthetic oil. We also add a dye to the oil, so should a leak develop at a later date, it is easier to locate. £40 + VAT.