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If your vehicle is 3 years old or more, you are required by law to have an MOT. If the police stop your vehicle, you must be able to produce a valid MOT certificate, upon request.

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) test can only be conducted by approved testing stations. Trained technicians use a range of sophisticated analytical equipment and a rolling road to test your vehicle's brakes, suspension, tyres, safety equipment and engine emissions, providing a detailed report on its compliance with government standards.

All our car MOT tests are £40. All our Motorcycle MOT tests are £25 for Class 1 up to 200cc and Class 2 over 200cc

What should I bring when I have an MOT Test carried out?

It would help us if you would bring your vehicle log book document. This is known as V5C, and has a red and blue front page. It lists all your cars' technical details. You do not need to bring your old MOT Certificate. All MOT details have been on the central database for a number of years now, so we know when your MOT expires!

How long does the test take?

There is no set time for an MOT Test, but generally it takes around 45 minutes.

My MOT has expired. Can I drive the car?

In a word - no. You are not allowed to use a car without a valid MOT, but this raises the problem of getting the car to an MOT Test Centre to actually get a test done. There is a simple solution, call us on 01895 253293 and make a booking. We need to take a note of your name, a contact phone number, the car make, model and registration, and the time and day you want the test carried out. Once we have this information, you are able to use the car at that time, to drive to our site for the test, then to drive back home afterwards. Even if you are stopped by the Police, this appointment system will waive your need for an MOT Certificate.

Is there anything else to remember?

Check your engine oil level before you come. The emission test for your MOT is carried out by revving the engine, so please make sure your oil level is ok. If the level is below the minimum mark on the dipstick, the test will not be carried out in case it does any damage to the engine.

Remove anything hanging from the rear view mirror, including air fresheners, beads, flags, religious emblems etc. These all interfere with your view of the road.

We work by appointment only. The tests are carried out every hour, on the hour, starting at 8am in the morning, and we begin the last MOT of the day at 4pm. Please call first on 01895 253293 to make sure we can fit you in.

We offer a free, fully insured local collection and delivery service. We can collect your car from your home or work, carry out the MOT and bring it back when it's done. If your car is unlucky enough to fail the test, a retest is free for 10 days.

Can you MOT Motorbikes?

Yes, a motorbike MOT, like a car MOT, aims to ensure that the motorbike in question is safe and fit for use on UK roads. We carry out both car and motorbike testing at our garage. Please call us on 01895 253293 to make a booking.

What other services do you offer?

We offer testing for both petrol and diesel vehicles and we can test catalysts.