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Vehicle Diagnostics

Today most vehicles contain an on-board computer called the Engine Control Unit (ECU), these computers monitor the performance of your vehicle and if a problem is found a warning light is displayed on your dashboard.

Here at KS Autos we have advanced diagnostic equipment to read faults stored in on-board computers and control units for many makes and models, both petrol and diesel. Our standard diagnostic charge is £25+VAT and if we can't access your system, you don't pay!

Our standard warranty is three months on workmanship and one year on parts. This is in line with most other independent garages. Due to warranty issues, we do not fit parts supplied by customers.

So, don’t delay and put your mind at rest. Contact KS Autos today and get your car inspected by our team of highly experienced and friendly mechanics. Please call us on 01985 253293 to book an appointment.